Waves of Refraction

for guitar and stereo tape

Waves of Refraction (1992) for guitar and tape creates aural illusions which are analogous to the visual illusions of light waves refracted through water. Just as an object submerged in water appears slightly warped and unstable, the guitar refracted by the computer-generated tape sounds altered and mutable. At the beginning of the composition, the tape accurately replicates the guitar sounds. However, the tape quickly undergoes a metamorphosis, becoming more unusual and exploratory as the composition unfolds. The guitar also presents material that changes from nervous and disjunct figuration to more lyric lines. Waves of Refraction was commissioned by Carlos Molina, to whom the composition is dedicated. The computer-generated tape was produced in the Florida International University Electronic Music Studio.

Click on the links below to download the score as a pdf file or an audio excerpt of William Buonocore performing Waves of Refraction.

For performance materials contact jon.nelson@unt.edu