Other Terrains

for percussion quartet and stereo tape

Other Terrains (1998) for percussion ensemble and tape explores a variety of soundscapes. The sonic possibilities of traditional percussion instruments are extended in this work through the use of a barrage of found metallic and glass instruments. In addition, the tape manipulates and transforms sampled percussive events. The tape also includes synthetic timbres that are produced using wave terrain synthesis, in which a three-dimensional function table is scanned using elliptical orbits to create a dynamically changing timbre. Other Terrains was composed at CEMI: Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia with the generous assistance of an ICMC 98 commission and a University of North Texas Faculty Research Grant.

Click the links below to download an audio excerpt or a complete score of Other Terrains

The full recording can also be heard at http://soundcloud.com/jon-nelson/tracksĀ 

For performance materials contact jon.nelson@unt.edu