for piano quintet and stereo tape

Resonances (1986) explores the relationships between a piano, string quartet, and a computer-processed tape which was generated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Music and Cognition Group. The tape contains sounds which are both analogous and antithetical to the live instruments. This interraction results in aural illusions, for sounds appear to move between the performers and the tape. Most of the music generated on the tape consists of reprocessed string and piano sounds. One reprocessing technique, linear prediction, is extensively implemented in this work. Through its use, drastic alterations of pitch, timbre, and duration are superimposed on digitally recorded cello and piano tones. Resonances consists of two large sections, the first of which is a slowly evolving sound mass. This first section functions as a large upbeat to the second, more lyric section.

Click on the link below to download and audio excerpt of the ASKO Ensemble's performance at the 1986 ICMC.

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