Make Noise!

for children's chorus (two part) and piano

As a composer I have always been fascinated by new and unusual sounds. I have taken great pleasure in exploring the many ways in which one can put sounds together to make music. I also feel a great debt to the many composers throughout history who have forged new musical paths. Make Noise! pays homage to a number of composers and works that have been influential in my own musical thinking by including short musical quotations interspersed throughout the entire work. Moreover, by providing the choir with some different and unusual ways of making musical sounds, I hope to instill a sense of fun and exploration for anyone who might also share in my desire to make noise. Make Noise! was composed in 2003 and is dedicated to the Woodrow Wilson All-Star Choir, under the direction of Cecile Johnson, who commissioned the work.

For a recording of the Woodrow Wilson All-Star Choir performance with Cecille Johnson conducting, please click on the attachment below. 

Please click on the link below to download a full score in pdf format.