Turbulent Blue

for stereo tape

A certain degree of turbulence is required to initiate any sound, whether this impetus is a whorl of air, a gush of fluid, a surge of friction, or a sudden impact. As a musical instrument responds to this unstable flow, its physical properties provide feedback that reigns in the chaos, stabilizing the sound into a more periodic tone. Using both sampled materials and physical models of sound, this composition strives to create a surreal sonic world in which the real and imaginary coexist. This work was commissioned by the Institut International de Musique Electroacoustique de Bourges (IMEB) and was realized in their studios in Bourges, France. Initial research for the composition was also made possible through a University of North Texas Research and Creativity Enhancement grant.

The full recording can also be heard at http://soundcloud.com/jon-nelson/tracks

To obtain performance materials please contact jon.nelson@unt.edu