Les trois réflexions

for viola and piano duo

Les trois réflexions (1991) for viola and piano contains three movements which are played without a break and fall loosely into a fast-slow-fast scheme. The work explores a number of reflexive relationships between the viola and piano. Consequently, the imitation and transformation of musical ideas plays a major role in Les trois réflexions. Furthermore, a closer examination of Les trois réflexions reveals a preoccupation with the number three. In fact, most of the harmonic and melodic structures and even a few of the rhythmic structures are directly related to the number three and procedures based on three. In this respect, the title describes the composition on a variety of levels. The reflecting gestures in Les trois réflexions are organized formally into three reflections on the number three. This virtuosic composition was written for Christof Huebner and Bonnie Anderson.

Click on the link below to download a pdf score and/or an audio excerpt with Kristof Huebner and Bonnie Anderson performing Les trois réflexions.