Six études brèves

for violoncello and stereo tape

Six études brèves (1990) for violoncello and tape was composed and produced at Sweden's National Electro-Acoustic Music Studio in Stockholm. In this composition, as in my other electro-acoustic works, I explore the relationships between live instruments and tape, creating both aural illusions and extreme contrasts. This interest is most evident in the etude entitled Juxtaposition, in which the cello and tape present contrasting material and gradually exchange roles throughout the movement. At the midpoint of this study, it is very difficult to distinguish the tape from the live performer. Similar aural illusions play a prominent role in the second etude, Contrefaçon. In contrast, the two middle movements exhibit clear delineations between the tape and cello. Each of the six short studies emphasizes different aspects of cello technique. The movements are contrasting in nature and implement a variety of sampling, synthesis, and sound processing techniques. I would like to thank the cellist Peter Schuback for graciously providing source material for this composition. I would especially like to thank the Fulbright Commission for providing the generous funding which made the realization of Six études brèves possible.

Click on the link below to download the score and a recording of Rhonda Rider performing the first movement of Six études brèves.

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