Fantasies and Flourishes

for Solo Disklavier and orchestra (2222 4221 88654 2 perc)

Fantasies and Flourishes (1995) for Disklavier and orchestra was premiered by the New World Symphony. The Disklavier is the modern-day player piano that can send performance information to a computer and can also be driven by a computer. In Fantasies and Flourishes, the Disklavier sends information to a computer as the soloist performs. This data is analyzed and used to perform additional material on the piano. As a result, this work is a concerto on two levels. First, the Disklavier soloist is pitted against the orchestra in the more traditional sense of a classical concerto. Moreover, the soloist is pitted against an instrument that plays back at the performer, creating a more psychological level to the notion of a concerto. This responsive element demands great virtuosity from the soloist.

Click the links below to download a full score in pdf format, an audio excerpt featuring Scott Marosek performing with the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Marcelo Bussiki, or Scott Marosek's doctoral dissertation on Fantasies and Flourishes.

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